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Aluminium, one of the most usable metals, is a foundation for Haomei people to make a living and also a carrier for those to realize value and make contribution to the community. The mission of “making every sheet of aluminium more valuable” not only demonstrates human value that only those with professionalism and abundant wisdom can maximize value of every sheet of aluminium and can enable people to work and live more wonderfully, but also manifests Haomei’s respect to and treasuring resources on the planet, meeting the requirement to build a conservation-minded society.

Keeping a foothold in China and setting eyes on the world, Haomei bravely takes into account its business in an increasingly globalizing market strategy, devotes itself to being the most competitive enterprise, the most respectable enterprise in customers’, employees’ and partners’ perspectives due to its quality products, state-of-the-art technologies and cost-effectiveness.

It is a key to enterprise governing, while honesty is a key to business development. Integrity means being sincere to the Company, the customers, and the colleagues; while honesty means living up to promise, winning confidence and being aboveboard. Only those sincere and honest people can win trusts from the company and opportunities for development from markets.

Responsibility is an essential quality to achieve business. Loyal to what you choose and responsible to yourself, to the enterprise you serving for and to everything that you did. Fulfilling your duties and facing up to difficulties and assuming responsibility. Irresponsible employee(s) are bound to be eliminated out of the enterprise, and irresponsible enterprise(s) are bound to be eliminated out of the society.

It means being absorbed in something and persistence. On the one hand, we should invest time, energy and wisdom in what we are doing; on the other hand, work with perseverance, never give up what others give up and do better than others did. Focus signifies professionalism, while persistence is likely to lead to success.

Innovation. Stick to convention means moving toward extinction. We should get rid of improper thinking set, business mode, management mode, and technical means; continue to renovate and improve, so as to create an innovative thinking, innovative behavior, innovative mechanism, innovative environment and innovative result, and to include innovative gene in entire business operation system.