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Marcello Lippi, the world-class football coach, also called Silver Fox in China, signing a spokesman contract to represent for BUCALUS Doors & Windows System, presenting the charm of focus on what you love.

In the afternoon of May 25, Dong Weifeng, President of our company signed a spokesman contract with Mr. Lippi in Evergrande Royal Peninsula Hotel, finalizing the signing the spokesman contract between BUCALUS and Mr. Lippi.

Marcello Lippi, the world-class football coach, who achieved many world champions not only for the football clubs he served for but also for Italian football team through many amazing football matches, is the first legendary coach in the world clinching UEFA Champion, AFC Champion and World Cup Champion.
Mr. Lippi’s focus on football and devotion to competition concept helps him and his football teams achieve his legend one after another.

Like Lippi focusing on what he loves, BUCALUS also focuses on its business.


BUCALUS’s unique glamour is evidenced by focusing on the doors & windows system, and providing high-performance doors & windows system solution and application technologies to building facades by means of a perfect quality assurance system based on world-class R&D and test center and application data. Through many years’ effort, BUCALUS, which wins over 50 percent of high-end luxurious house market shares in the South China’s doors & windows industry, has been recognized in the industry due to its glamour of focus and its rich experience in application and services for high-end luxurious houses and landmark buildings. China’s leading doors & windows provider joining hands with Mr. Lippi is not only part of BUCALUS globalization strategy, but also a perfect representation of the focus glamour. We look forward to BUCALUS’s application technology and solution of doors & windows provided to building facades in China and the rest of the world. China’s BUCALUS is making contribution to global buildings.