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Haomei Aluminum How to Sustainably Develop

At the 20th anniversary ceremony of China’s Aluminum Door, Window & Curtain Wall Association closed on March 8, 2014, Guangdong Haomei Aluminum Co., Ltd. was awarded the Excellent Enterprise of Sustainable Development from China Construction Metal Structure Association Aluminum Door, Window & Curtain Wall Commission.


With the pace of reform and opening up witnesses a huge construction industrial chain around aluminum alloy doors, windows and curtain wall, inclusive of over 10 thousands of upstream and downstream auxiliary products such as aluminum alloy doors & windows, curtain wall, aluminum profiles, hardware fitting, building glass and structural sealant. What we saw is not only rapid economic development and outstanding achievements but also increasingly severe resources and environmental problems, which undoubtedly restricts further economic development. How to reasonably allocate resources, improve and sustain environment and address the conflict among lack of resources, environmental degradation and economic development entail the sustainable development strategy put forward in the 1980s, aiming at guiding enterprises to a sustainable development path.


Ever since its establishment, Haomei Aluminum Company has made contribution to China’s economic development by taking the lead to use efficient, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving doors & windows products and conducting R&D in new energy vehicle. Insisting on the view of Scientific Development, the Company assumes its social responsibility by continuously introducing environmentally-friendly chromate-free passivated products, minimizing environmental pollution from sources and promoting the advanced idea of environmental protection. Strictly implementing the policy of clean production and pollutants discharging in conformance with the standard, it minimized production and emission of pollutants by reducing consumption of raw materials and fuels and improving rate of utilization of materials, in an effort to achieve harmonious coordination among economic benefits, social and environmental benefits.


In order to carry out environmental protection activities and realize the principle of “leadership in place, responsibilities in place, measures in place and investment in place, the environmental protection steering committee led by General Manager as the first responsible person was set up to practice the system of management by objectives. It establishes and improves the 4-level environmental protection management system at different levels of headquarters, subsidiaries, factories and workshops. The Environmental Protection & Security Department established as the competent authority of environmental protection is responsible for monitoring and assessing every subsidiary’s achievement of EP objectives. The Environmental Protection & Security Departments at subordinate level, which is led by General Manager as the first responsible person and deputy general managers and factory directors as main responsible persons, must be also established in subsidiaries, and the EP & security section at further subordinate level are established to monitor environmental protection in factories, and dedicated EP staff must be appointed in every workshop to address local EP issues.


Stepping on the path of sustainable development, The award granted to Haomei Aluminum speaks for its innovative development and social responsibility, and manifests that Haomei people are striving for its mission that makes every aluminum sheet more valuable.