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GPC551 Inside-open Window

Structure characteristicApplication rangeProcess description

  External frame at structural depth of 55mm, opening sash at 65mm internally flat and externally enveloped;unique sash arc shrinking side, optional arc pressing stripe enhancing aesthetic appearance of entire window;

  Profiles using 14.8 mm insulation stripes (PA66+GF25), substrate at wall thickness of 1.4mm,Comply with GB5237. 3-cavity structural design provides better thermal and sound insulation.

  Availability with solid screen window to prevent mosquito and insects entering.and structural stability;

  Achievable multiple opening modes, inclusive of outside open, suspension, outside open & hanging, extension for opposite opening;

  Application scope: applicable to external window to bedroom, balcony window, kitchen and bath windows.

  Glue injection is used for frame/sash 45 degree combination corner and middle mullion, supported by dedicated sealing elements for corners, improves aesthetic appearance of window,while ensuring mechanical stability and tightness of frames.

  Making use of isobaric principle and supported by improved drainage channels, the water tightness of entire window is greatly improved;

  EPDM middle sealant is used to fill in the gap between frame and sash, and molded parts are used at corner connection of sealants to make connection more coherent and aesthetic,enhancing waterproof performance and air tightness at window corners;

  Notch C design in line with EU standard is of high metal suitability and makes installation and processing more convenient;

  Excellent compatability, capable of sharing auxiliary materials and process with GP551 other product mix;

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