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GPM551 External Folding Door

Structure characteristicApplication rangeProcess description

   Side frame at upper and lower rail width of 104.4mm, suitable for matching with solid folding door metals.Opening sash having unique sash arc shrinking side, optional arc pressing stripe enhancing aesthetic appearance;

   Profiles using 14.8 mm insulation stripes (PA66+GF25), substrate at wall thickness of 2.0mm,Comply with GB5237.

   Achievable multiple window types, inclusive of 330 full folding, 321 folds + sliding, 4 folds, 5 folds and 6 folds;

   Application scope: applied to balcony and garden entrance gate.

   Frame using 90 degree screw connection, 45 degree corner splicing for opening sashes;

   Super-smooth split lifting rails are used, resulting in silent/smooth sliding and easy maintenance;

   Excellent compatability, capable of sharing auxiliary materials and process with GP551 other product mix.

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