TS120 Insulation Lifting/Sliding Door

Structure characteristicApplication rangeProcess description

    Novel lifting/sliding doors are rich in types and of outstanding performance;

    Profiles: frame using 14.8mm insluation stripe, sash using 12mm insulation stripe,profile at wall thickness of 2.0mm;

   Glass: 11-36mm;

   Oversize sash and narrower side frame provides with larger lighting surface.

    Application range: commercial building gate, living room

    Capable of meeting various application requirement of residential environment and commercial building;

   The application with 200kg oversize sash achievable;

    Process: sash using 45 degree corner splicing and gluing, frame material using 90 degree screw splicing;

   Ergonomic design and limiting block enables door leaf to slide smoothly and unshakably;

   Barrier-free humanized design facilitates the old people and children entering and exiting.

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