ZRT80 Gluing Insulation Sliding Window

Structure characteristicApplication rangeProcess description

    Using 80mm side frame and wide track with limit line enables smooth opening, and meets the requirement on sliding window from projects;

    Profiles: in a gluing structure, at wall thickness of 1.4mm;

    Glass: 22mm

    Simple window type, aesthetic appearance, smooth sliding and convenient opening;

    Application range: bathroom, kitchen, workplace, toilets

    Screen window indoors configured, convenient to change;

     Process: 90 degree screw connection;

    Sash opened in the same surface, leading to lower space usage and larger indoor space to use;

    It is easy to process, flexible to use and has long service life,

    Stepped design prevents rainwater from permeating;

     With low quantity of milling, assembly is workable without need of high-end processing equipment;

     Consistent notch design ensures uniformity of glass sealant.

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