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T80 Sliding Window

Structure characteristicApplication rangeProcess description

●   External frame at width of 80mm, with coverings in double faces;

●   Body wall thickness at 1.2 mm/1.4 mm, capable of meeting the requirement from projects and outlet;

    Glass notch: 7.5 mm, 10 mm, 21 mm, and 24 mm, suitable for installing single-layer, hollow glass and laminated glass;

    High- and low-rail difference design combined airtight wool stripes remove gaps between indoor sash and external frame, resulting in air tightness;

    Upper rail designed with broad track, equipped with dedicated blocks, facilitates smooth sliding by reducing sash trembling while exposed to wind pressure;

    Upper security block that also functions preventing wind, combined with airtight wool stripe, enhances shock resistance and improves air tightness;

    Serialized dimension and specification provides multiple choices;

    Multiple profile combinations facilitate various kinds of design plan.

●   Application range: bedroom, kitchen, workplace, toilets

●   Suitable for climate in East China, and Central China

●   Process: 90 degree screw connection, convenient to process;

●   Stepped design prevents rainwater from permeating;

    With low quantity of milling, assembly is workable without need of high-end processing equipment;

    Consistent notch design ensures uniformity of glass sealant.

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