A50 Insulation out-opening window (turning open)

Structure characteristicApplication rangeProcess description

Flat sink design  facilitating installation of  hardware;

Novel conversion mode, further reducing cost of entire window and optimizing cost performance of outside-open window;

 Profiles: using 14.8mm insulation stripe, at wall thickness of 1.4mm;

 Glass: 11-36mm;

 Universally used accessories;

Multiple combination modes, with combination of transom window, bay window and canopy window available.

 Application range: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, toilets

Suitable for climate in East China, South China and Central China

Rich mullionspecification, applicable to multiple window types and openings;

 Process: 45 degree angle splicing, hinges or connecting parts and glue used inside and outside profiles;

Optimal corner assembly process,  enhancing quality of corner connection and improving efficiency;

Ergonomic design and high usability;

Customizable profiles surface treatment and sash division solution;

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